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Mimic NEW ! Price : 150eur Now available.
Analog SuperScreamer NEW ! Price : 150eur Now available.
Mark II Our Double BluesBreaker Pedal version NEW ! Price : 250eur Now available
RC Vox cw1 Wah Wah Pedal NEW ! Price : 220eur .
The BB Factory NEW ! Bluesbreaker Mark I true Clone . Price : 160eur 
Classic Rock Dog Semi Open Classic Rock 120eur
Old Mate True vintage screamer 808 components. Amazing !!! Limited Edition Price : 250eur
The Key Dumble style pedal Price : 140eur
G. Kloney *OPEN* Low Gain / Booster  200eur
Gilmore *SEMI OPEN* Low Gain / Booster 120eur 

BluesBox A real swiss knife in doble pedal format 230eur
Mr Eric *OPEN* Excellent BB Mark I style with improvements 160eur
Two of Fuzz Vintage FUZZ with germanium transistors and attenuator potentiometer. Check it out !! From 140eur
Angus Pure Classic Hard Rock . The high gain RC pedal !!! 140eur  Now Available !



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