RC Vox v847 CW1 Super Wah

This is honestly the wah wah sound I’ve been searching for and I had on my mind since I was young. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

It is very vocal but with a big open tone and softer attack than others. It is super customizable inside though

Here different positions for Tone Sweep and Compression. More details in the Youtube description :

RC Wah Wah pedal features :
*Mechannical improvements
*True Bypass
*External purple led
*External Comp Potentiometer
*Hand Winding Halo Inductor
*Three Tone Pos Switch inside for your favourite eq. More or Less high end in your sweep range

*Three mid range pos switch. 1 Sweet & Scooped, 2 Bolder & Punchier. 3 Something in the middle of both 1 & 2 positions

* New Old Stock Tropical Fish Capacitors

* Power Supply On/Off Switch allows you to disconnect led and all the unnecessary components for using it with battery like in the 60’s. But you can also use your battery with the power supply mini circuit ON. So you can get two different sounds with this control.
* Indestructible RC PCB Board.
* You can adjust your primary volume inside for more or less volume by setting an internal tripot.
* Selected secret transistors


Price = 220eur

Features and Controls Description :

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