Classic Rock Dog

“Semi” Open

From Chuck Berry to Deep Purple and everything in between !!!

** Medium Gain **


This semi open or semi compressed rock pedal will take you from the 50’s classic rock’n’roll to the psycodellic rock of the 60’s and even 70’s & 80’s hard rock .. A real swiss knife rock pedal !!!

A quick demo from a new recording. More demos soon :
Classic Rock Dog Pedal demo I "Suerte" theme

CLASSIC ROCK DOG - RC PEDALS - Short demo by Paco Pascual (Beteramp Custom Tube Amps)


Price : 120eur Lifetime warranty*

 Lifetime warranty !
* Except cosmetic damage & bad use of the pedal.
Abuse and also shipping costs
are excluded

You can place your order via e-mail or at
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