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The Key

Open Sound

Absolutely magic pedal

If you adjust the bottom knob firstable


The Key is a handmade pedal wich performs a mix of Jetter, original Hermida Zendrive and Tim tones . The kind of sound that Robben Ford made popular .




You can use it as a booster, low gain or medium gain . It is an open sounding pedal but you can compress it a bit with the “white knob”.. This knob also brings you the possibility to set the desired frequency for clipping and then adjust the amount of gain with the regular gain knobĀ  Pcb designed by RC Pedals . Lifetime warranty ! *

Price 120eur




 *Except cosmetic damage and bad use of the pedal.
 Abuse and shipping costs are also excluded 

You can place your order via e-mail or at
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