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Mr Eric

Open Sound with a Marshall touch

“The Ultimate early vintage BB”

Each unit is “tuned” by ear and different inside circuit from the rest

Mr Eric ( Early Years ) is our tribute to the first Marshall Bluesbreaker Mark I (black box) versions wich are so appreciated these days . Analogman King of Tone also performs the same values in most of the components but we solved a couple of details in the original pedal that we found necessary : The gain and the bright range in the same potentiometer, the gain pot . Mr Eric also features real vintage diodes and chip (new old stock.)

RC Mr Eric / Clean Tones


Mr Eric article ( New York magazine )


These are the beginnings of our JTM45 in a box prototype. Our first approach :

Vintage Bluesbreaker Mark I & RC Pedals Bluesbreaker Prototype Comparison

If you ever heard the sound of a real vintage Mark I , you’ll know is certainly great . You can find this kind of M. tone in classic Hendrix and Cream records , but currently you also can hear it in some M.Schofield and J.Mayer albums . So, it’s a fantastic classic pedal for sure . But in my opinion, it is too thin from 12 0’clock . Or the other way round, too dark in low gain settings . In the next video clip we’ll demostrate that we fixed this problem by adding some small modifications . But you can also preserve the original sound by leaving the bright switch at the Normal Position .

One of the greatest low gain circuits of alltime for sure !

Lifetime warranty ! *

Price : 150eur

 Lifetime warranty !
* Except cosmetic damage and bad use of the pedal.
Abuse and also shipping costs
are excluded

New version now available with bass control knob !!! You can get any vintage sound of early BB’s and even nearly a tube screamer by lowering “Bass” and “Tone” knobs . Demos very soon :

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