Yes, You’re gonna need one ! !

You can get a nice sound on the left side, on the right side or with both sides together . So it is a very versatile pedal and you could do any kind of gig with just this BluesBox. Please watch and listen to the video clip . You’re gonna love it !

Check it out !!!

Edit : Now only BluesBox v2 available. Just this one. Price : 230eur


Dimensions 119mm (4.68″) x 94mm (3.70″)
Two internal Compression switches (that you don’t need to change)
External big amp like switches
100% Analog THT Components
Indestructible PCB
Tone Guide with some settings
Chain Order Switch ( This is very important for the final compression)

Price : 230eur New BLUESBOX available 


You can place your order via e-mail or at Reverb platform it will be a bit expensiver although
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