Old Mate

True vintage screamer 808 components. Amazing !!!

Price : 250eur See more …

The Key

You can read in sanskrit ” The Key is a tool that will help you to find the tone of your dreams..”

Price : 120eur See more …

G. Kloney

*OPEN* Low Gain / Booster Both BT and G versions price is 190eur

See more …

Classic Rock Dog

*SEMI OPEN* Rock OD Pedal
See more …


*SEMI OPEN* Low Gain / Booster 110eur
See More..

C.B.O. Medium gain

*OPEN* With Southern taste 120eur
See More..

C.B.O. High Gain


*OPEN* and Big Distortion Tones 130eur

See more …

Mr Eric

*OPEN* Excellent BB Mark I clone with improvements 150eur
See More …

Two of Fuzz

*NEW* FUZZ with germanium transistors and noise switch. Check it out !!
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